Noble Style Brewing Hops
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At Black Creek Hops we produce the finest hops available for both commercial and home brewers’ needs. “Uncommonly Green” is the best way to describe Black Creek Hops. Located in western Michigan, we have made advances in hops cultivation and hops processing techniques which place our hops a notch above industry standards.

Black Creek Hops are:

  • •  Cultivated using environmentally friendly agricultural practices such as cover cropping, integrated pest management and barrier weed control.
  • •  Harvested at the optimal time by use of our on-site alpha acid testing facility.
  • •  Dried at low temperatures in less than 18 hrs, using our custom designed oast technology.
  • •  Milled and pelletized at low temperatures to lock in and preserve essential oils and acids in our commercially licensed processing facility.
  • •  Packaged in premium Mylar bags and vacuum sealed using nitrogen flush technology in our commercially licensed processing facility.

We offer 16 varieties of Whole Leaf and Pelletized Brewing Hops in a Variety of Conveniently Sized Packages.






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